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Carpenter Measuring Wood
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  • Unique and delicate repairs

Note: We do NOT do structural, plumbing or electrical repairs. In Florida, handymen are NOT legal to perform these repairs. 








Doors open, and doors close. Well, at least that's what they are designed to do. A healthy door is quiet, and provides trouble free opening and closing. If your door is "sick", or you would simply like to enhance its functionality, you have come to the right place! We repair interior and exterior doors (pocket, bi-pass, bi-fold, hinged, and barn). Sometimes it is necessary to replace the entire door, but oftentimes, a good repair will greatly extend the life of your costly door. A common repair we perform, is for a sagging door. A sagging door will tend to allow pests to easily enter your home. It is also a great way for your precious AC to escape! Another common problem in Florida, is wood rot at the bottom of the door jamb. We remove the lower section of jamb, and replace it with a no rot composite material. Many homes have pocket doors. They are wonderful - when they work. We replace rollers, door slabs, tracks, and can even add soft open and close systems to your existing door. So, before spending your hard earned money on replacing a door, let us take a look at it. We will provide an honest evaluation at not cost.

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